SuperPoints vs. SwagBucks Update

Found a great website full of tips and tricks about SwagBucks:


Thus far SwagBucks seem a heck of a lot easier to earn than SuperPoints.

That said, I have been running in to issues trying to do the Trusted Surveys offered by SwagBucks. On a few occasions I've run in to technical errors while trying to complete the surveys. I got a 'server too busy' error while trying to complete one and when I tried to use the 'back' button embedded on the page to go back to the SwagBucks Trusted Surveys page the survey was no longer listed. The survey was worth 50 SBs. Sad Face!

Last night I tried to complete another Trusted Survey worth 250 SBs (!). This particular survey required that I install an Active X Control in order to complete the survey. I installed the Active X Control but all I saw on my screen was a page telling me that the evaluation had been started but there was no survey in sight!

To say the least I am not impressed. I want to complete the surveys but I keep running in to technical issues. I am willing to hold up my end of the bargain-complete surveys, use the SBs search engine, play games watch videos and the like-but is SB able to hold up their by ensuring their pages work correctly and awarding the points.

I sent SBs a letter letting them know of my frustrations with the system currently in place. I've gotten a reply which I will post as soon as possible.

Current tallies:

SuperPoints: 178

SwagBucks: 291



Earned 61 points on Superpoints for completing a task. Nice.

Current tallies:

SuperPoints: 163

SwagBucks: 184


Just won 4 points from the SuperLucky button.

SwagBucks vs. SuperPoints

I've just signed up for both SwagBucks and SuperPoints. I signed up for SuperPoints on Nov 4th and SwagBucks on Nov 5th to be exact. My intent is to write a number of posts on these two products. The end result being helping you decide which of the two products provides a better value.

Right now my current SuperPoints balance is 83. While my SwagBucks balance is 144.

Things I like about SuperPoints thus far:

-I earned SuperPoints for signing up for SwagBucks.
-'Winning' emails.
-The SuperPoints Super Lucky Button.
-Website is not overly flashy.

Things I dislike about SuperPoints thus far:

-It's an invite only service.
-There were only 2 videos I could watch to earn points.

Things I like about SwagBucks thus far:

-Earning bucks seems to be pretty easy.
-You can 'win' points just for using the SwagBucks search engine.
-Watch 10 videos on SwagBucks TV and get 3 bucks.
-Hidden 'SwagCodes' can be found on the SwagBucks blog and other places. (I love Easter egg hunts.)

Things I dislike about SwagBucks thus far:

-The Website is crowded.
-Some of the offers seem sketchy.